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8 Amazing Ways of Make Money Online in Tanzania


Todays when we speak about making money online there was a so many ways that you can use to make some extra money and enjoyed it either you have job or your not have job (Stay at home). below are 15 ways that you can use make money online from Tanzania.

1: Google Adsense

is a program from Google that allow a Publishers to monetize their content and earn the money through their site, and they pay from every click to the Ad and also when ads showing, the minimum payout from this program is $100 in a month, so if you have a website and you want to earn money though your conent this will be your first choise that you can enjoyed blogging and make more money online.

2: Youtube Channel

Through Youtube Partiner Program you can earn more money, and this being a big issue to many Tanzanian youh that doing youtube but issue comes many of them they doing youtube in gossips and enterteinment, but if you come with your idea and experience of something you know and create video, youtube is a simple area that you can earn more money by simple way.

3: Freelancer

is a popural way for making more money after Adsense and Affiliate Marketing, here you can work with a companies or a single person that you can provide to them your servise based on your experience.

many of freelancers they make from $400 – $2000 per month based on their experience, skills and how their sharp on doing job that taked from a particular person or company, so if you have an experience you can try this and make more money through your skills.

you can visit this best sites of that program Freelancer.in, Elance, WorkNhire, Upwork, People per Hour and so on that you can search for in google and join that platforms to gain more and more money online.

4: Sell old Stuff

many of we have the unused material in our homes and we dont know what to doing with that material, let me tell you one thing that there is no needed of live that things at home without uses but you can change that to money.

by sell in Kupatana and Zoom Tanzania and by this you can return some of money you used on but that thing, also me am doing this in more than a year now and am also start a job to collect from the peoples and am sell and get more of the money.

5: Mula Empire

in nature Mula Empire is the kenyan website but work in Tanzania also and in this website you can simply earn money by just Watch video for 30sec and get Tsh 840.45 and also you can answer the Trivia questions, and you can referral your friend and get a cammision when join in this website.

but in this website leave that you can get more money ever but when you want to sign up you should pay for Tsh 1300  for the account activation and after that you can enjoyed to get your money. to singn up Click HERE

6: Writing Jobs

if you have a passion for writing as me you ca change your passion to income by write the job posts of companies, institutions, individuals or blogs.

you can gain money when you write at least 500 words and gain up to $5

there was a some sites that you can use for earning the money trough writing jobs Freelancewriting, TextBroker, Xpress Writers, find the writing jobs content.

7: Affiliate Marketing

All of hard working guy they doing this Affiliate Marketing the way that brings more money ever, because of doing job with a biggest companies.

here in Affiliate Marketing is to promote the products of companies by online shopping that you gone work with companies or merchant websites like Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, Cjetc, Flipkart, Shopify 

and here you can create a simple website fro that online promotion or you can join to that websites and show the ways that you can promote their products to the social medias and gain your income online.

8: Forex Trading 

Forex this is a special place that needed an experince when wants to doing this because is a business like other but this is dealing in exchange of money, but its a one of the place that when you focus on lean and know you can be one of the rich people through this Forex many people create their life by using this.

if you want to know about it i adsvise you o search on google and start to learn about it and inter in the word of money Forex.


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