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Best Blog Niches in Tanzania You Can Earn $100 every month


Hellow my fellow Tanzanians in this article i will show you the best blog niches in Tanzania that as your a blogger you wanted to start a blog or you want to know and change your blog niche in Tanzania visitors this niches will give you a more eye bears to your site.

Now days many of Small Bloggers from Tanzania they deep in thinking what is a best blog
niche that can use in their blogs and get many eye bears from search engine
like Google, Bing, yahoo etc. and some they think that there are many of blogs
they done the niche that they wanted to start blog for write.

But based on my experience that I have and I can say I done many of blogs niche in
Tanzania and I know what is a best niches that they give me more success and I
get more viewers/visitors to my blog and earn much of money.

Today I want to tell you what are the best niches and you can get more viewers from
Tanzania and get more money through that niche I can say you can get more than
5,000 visitors per month if you start a new blog and if your blog is old you
can get up to 50,000 when you focus and give your efforts on sharing your
content to social medias.

Best Blog Niches in Tanzania

  • News
  • Music
  • Job
  • Opportunity
  • Translated
  • Swahili series
  • Technology
  • Educational


Here we speak about a blogs that provide latest news in Tanzania so if you’re a
journalist in blogs that provide latest news is a one of blog niche that you
can get visitors and earn money through your carrier.

Here also you must know what kind of news does you want to write direct from your
specialization this will help you to make a visitors to know that if we want a
such kind of news story we can get to this website Example: Local News,
Entertainment, Sports, Gossip news etc. but also you can write all of that news
to one blog but based on my experience you better write one style of blog


This is a one of most favorite blog niche to many bloggers from Tanzania and this is
because the music industry is so much growing in the country and the artist are
so many so music released all over the day. Also I done this niche and I see
it’s a very best niche for a new blogs because music is searched in google all
over the day so that your posts also can appear on search results.

But In his niche one thing that can make you quickly success is to be active that is every
new song released also you be among of first peoples that they post to their
blog so that to make your post to appear on search result more quickly.

Also this niche is very friendly with SEO so when your done this niche and done SEO you
can grow up fast and get more visitors and get more money not only from Affiliate
Marketing platform like Google Adsense. But also from Artist that they can pay
you in order to upload their songs to reach to the people that you can say what
money you want to them depend on your fanbase.

job opportunity in Tanzania

There are many of graduators that they search for job in Tanzania so you can use this as
a chance that can give you money from them by help them to show the job
opportunities that advised from the companies that search for a person to work

Also this is a Blog niche that is so Friendly by SEO that means your main source of get
visitors can be organic that means the visitors from google because also from
google that graduators they search the job depending on their professionals.

By this blog topic you can get a highly revenue from google adsense because of high CPM
that provided in a such content so if you want to earn more money this niche
will be the best.

But one thing you should good in English because your deal with educated peoples so you
have to know how to write English content, so as also to be approved with
google adsense ads because they not accept any blog that is not use English.

Translated Swahili Series and Movie

In the street there the person that have a library of movies/series that have been
translated to Swahili by voice over they make a huge money, because many of
Tanzanian they love series such as Hindi, Korea, Philipino etc. so if you take
that idea to online that mean to have a blog that you provide that series by
make them download or play online you can have a much number of visitors that
there in love with that series.

This idea I tell you because much of the bloggers they not think about the opportunity in
this but by using this niche you can create your own fanbase and that fanbase
means earning more money to your blog.

Next time I will come with ways that you can use to get approved with google
adsense through this niche



Your IT or have an experience with that or your interested with Technology you can use
this niche to teach peoples about it Example: windows repeal, how to use
programs, how to boot window, how to make a Partition and all of the things
that deal with technology especial phones.

So when you teach the peoples on solving their problems you also can get eye bears to your
site and in Tanzania the sites that provide this services there are too little
so its your time to get start in this niche.


You’re a teacher and want to create an extra by write an articles for teach students
about some topics, so your audience will be students that are so many in the
world but also in Tanzania there are not much of the sites that provide
education content so if your not a teacher but you have effort to teach and
experience you can create a blog that provide this services to the students I
tell you can get more and more visitors.

Above are some of that content ideas/niche in the blog that can make you get more
visitors and make more money that can make you enjoyed online money making even
still your at home.

If you don’t have a blog and you want to create I will come with the ways that you can
create a blog and monetize also earn the online money.


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