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How to Be a Successful Blogger and make money


 About Blog

Blog is a online journal that you can use to share informationaos by writing article and publish to the people by latest posts.
In blog there are a thing called Niche, this is an aim or topic of the post’s that you write in your blog/website and when you focus by your topic in your blog you can get many of fans that they can return to your site for continued to get the information that your provide to them.

Why Many Tanzanian bloggers fail

Now days people’s they believe that in online they can get money💰 that can use in their life and enjoy, sometimes they think is like to get money online is an easy job to get, and may be they be inspired from the people’s who success in this industry or they her from others that in online life there are too much of money.
The one thing that i would like to tell you is that. Its true that in online life there are too much of money that you can earn in everyday and some they conduct their life through the online moneys. They eat, dress well, enjoyed life etc. But source of all that they do is online money.
Speaking of getting money online there are many ways you can monetize your blog or website and earning in every month all after 2 weeks here we speaking about Google adsense, adsterra, propeller ads, Facebook audience etc. Those are some of our network that they can pay you by using your visitors from your blog or website.

How to be successful blogger

Here let’s go to the point only how to be a successful blogger from Tanzania by getting a many visitors and earning more money from your blog or website.

1: Focus on your Niche/Topic

I can say is this is a key secret of blogging because when you focus on your topic you can get a returning viewers to your website as I said above.
Focus on the things that you can write all you have a experience about it that can be easier to you write for the people if you are a doctor you can write it article about the health any teacher people’s about diseases if you are journalist you can write a news and focus about what news write, other sports, entertainment, national, documentary.
If you are have a experience about IT ( Information Technology) also you can write a post is about technology and teach people about technology new things that discovered all over the date.
The main activities that you can get money online is to get a many visitors to your blog or website so if you see the peoples the earning money from their blogs because they have visitors and that visitors they view ads that they place ad code to their website, so if theg get impression and clicks to that ads they get money from the platforms they place ad code from.

Be Unique

When you are new to the industry you should come with your only that can make you  blog so unique from other websites or blogs, this can help you to gain more viewers to your website because of getting something new from other websites so you can get fans and that fans converted to the money.

Don’t want a fast successful

Many of new bloggers we think that when we start a blog at a short time me can earn more money that it’s not like our think is so if you want to be successful in the blogging you should concentrate in publish an better articles that can make you get more visitors and solve their problems and not think that blog is all about get online money now days.

Don’t breakup heart

This is another thing that all we should know heart breakup is a bad thing in any of the thing that you want to be succes, also in blog you need to take a time without break heart in that Niche your done.
If you want to be a successful blogger follow the above ways will so much help you in your career and be like your dream want.


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