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How to Submit Your Sitemap in Google Search Console


Sitemap Google Search Console

submit your site in Google Search Console in previous article I write on
how to make your Swahili content can get highly search presence on search
result in google search engine, and one of the place that make your post appear
in google is this tool so in this post I will show you on how can you submit
your site and verify also to submit your sitemap that can enable google to
crawly posts from your site and appear in a search result.



search Google search Console after show result the tool click to open
the site so as to continued another process of create account in this tool.



opened will show as above and click on Start now and will redirect you
to another page so as to continued to another process of verify your site in
Google Search Console.



Here you
create a property in Search Console because that Property is like a project
that you create in console and you write your site Url and there was a two
options you can write a domain name and verify your site in domain DNS buy html
code that you go to create a CNAME, But a simple way its better to write your
site Url as shown in picture me I write
https://www.geoneb.com and click CONTINUE

After click
continue will opened a popup of the window shows the above the process to
verify that you’re a real owner of the site you want to add in search console
and here its better and easy to copy the HTML tag by click COPY will be
coped and after that your go to your (head) of your site and paste the code, if
your use wordpress you can download head to head plugin and when you use
blogger you can go to theme and click edit html you will see the head.

next article I will show how to add html in head to head of your site

After add
your html tag and save return to search console and click DONE your site
will be verified and after one week your site will appear in google but another
stage is y submit your  sitemap so as to
enable google detect the posts that you post.


Click sitemap
and write sitemap.xml and click submit, but that process is only for a
persons that use blogger host but for the person that use wordpress a sitemap
you will see in your SEO plugin example Yoast, Rank Math or All in one SEO.


submit your sitemap and success now google will attack all of the posts you
post in your site and show to the search result of the google search users so
as to bring visitors to your site.

Make sure
that you fix all of the problems that google will send you email for fix
because google when detect any of the issue that needed to fixed they send a
email so don’t ignore that warning for your better SEO health and bring you
more visitors to your site so as to make more money.


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