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Key instructions of SEO in Swahili content


When we

speak about SEO (Searching Engine Optimization) in blog traffic this is a
primary source that means peoples are search of the things they want in google,
bing, yahoo etc. all over the date and its was a big number of peoples are
search in the search engine.

So as a
blogger you should know what are the main instructions that you need to follow
in improving your search performance in the search result, also your post to
appear in the first page so as to get a big number of traffic to your site.

Today lets
speak about done SEO in content that write in Swahili language, because this is
one of language that is highly growing in used now days especially in East
African countries like Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania The country
that is a main language.

On the
comment I get from my visitors I see many of the comment that wants me to teach
about done SEO in Swahili language because is difficult than done SEO English
content but on my side in my blog I use English because of follow the Adsense
policy they not want Swahili but in my many articles I based in blog teaching
in Tanzania nation.

Done SEO in
Swahili some how is difficult but also you can done and get organic traffic and
enjoy the blogging life and by follow the things I gone mentioned above will so
much help you in improvement of your SEO presence and improve your posts.

Your Site to Google Search Console

Make sure
that your site you submit and verify in google Search Console because this is
main SEO tool that can make your posts appear on google search result after add
your sitemap and google bots will crack your site everyday and submit
your site on search result and this is also work on the content that be in
Swahili language.

know how to submit and verify your site and sitemap in search console click here


Copy And Paste

This is a
first thing on doing blogging that can make your content ignored by google
robots because google is pushing up the original unique content, the content
like this will have a huge ability to appear in a first page on google search.

But if you
copy and paste you can be ignored by google and you cant get many of organic
traffic to your site so its better to write your own articles this may so much
help you in SEO.



Before you
start write your content you should search on google on how many peoples they
search about your idea you want to write. Example: you want to write a content
on (how to cook) and before you write you search on google on how to
cook but you see the suggestion shown (how to cook ugali, how to cook spinach,
how to cook lice with beans) so by using that suggestions will be your keyword
that when you write an content by using that keyword can help you on make your
post to appear to peoples that search for specific question.

Also when
you write a Swahili content you should focus on search the keyword before you
star write the content and make sure that the keyword is appear in your first
paragraph in your content when your write,  here lets show an example on how to write the
keyword in a first paragraph.

your keyword is How to Cook Ugali with Coconut Beans

In your
content you should include the keyword like this

Hello welcome to another article and today I
will teach you on how to cook Ugali with Coconut beans so be with me
with a simple steps that you can cook this food from your home and enjoy the


You see
above that keyword bolded that is included in the content so when you write a
content you should write the keyword in first paragraph this will help you on
improve your content to appear on google search results.



When you
write a content its better to write also headings that helped in making the
meaning that you translate from one section of topic to another example: you
write a heading of Wash Beans in your content this will help you in SEO optimization
because also google they not like a paragraph that is length you should write a
short paragraph.

Todays I end
up here but in another article I will continued on writing on how to set up SEO
in Swahili content so if your interested with the article just leave a comment
and share this content to your friends to help them on know this ways, and
continued to visit geoneb.com


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