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Secret of making your posts to browsers


May be you see many of posts displayed in browsers Example Opera Mini, Chrome, Firefox,

Phoenix etc and many times that posts is news content, so if your done news
niche and you want to know how does that posts shown in the browsers today I
will tell you the secret that is so simple to make your site redirect the


That called
News feed and this is a way that many of owners of that browsers they in compitation
for get the users in the browser so they make this news feed program so as to
make the users of they specific browser to use a much time in the browser and
also to get news from many sites that they allow them to pass their posts in
the browser news feed.


Also this
is another way that can make you as a blogger to get many visitors to your blog
because that browsers all over the day they promote themselves and they have
millions of downloads so if your site is showing posts to that browsers your
way to get much visitors and gain more money from site.


Also this
is a way that help a new bloggers to get improvement to heir site and help to
drive visitors to their sites.


So today as
I told you before I will tell you what a thing that make the site redirect
their posts in such browsers like Opera Mini, Chrome, Firefox, Phoenix because
yo should not have to do anything to do in order to make that redirect your
posts to their browsers.


But one
thing that you needed to do is SEO that to write an article, news or content
that follow the SEO instructions if you don’t know how to write the SEO content
you can pass through my past articles I teach on how to write that content that
can make you get high ranking in google search result.


So if you
write an good SEO content google will push your content and you can get  more organic visitors and this is a big point
to these browsers, they believe in that a site that have many organic visitors
is a big site that is so favorite thing to make your site shown to heir


So if you
want your site to appear in this first you should make sure that you have an
organic visitors, you write an SEO content so as to make them believe In you
that you’re and put your site is bigger so peoples they love and appreciate
your site so they give you a chance of display your posts to the bigger number
of peoples.


So focus on
writing an SEO content this will help you on pushing you and get visible to the
many browsers and this is only secret that is against this and no more way
because some of they believe that there was a way that you can register to them
and review your site, but one thing that you can ask your self is hat how many
sites they can review and how many new sites that apply for so that’s why they
deal with the sites that have a huge number of organic visitors.


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