Ways on How to Get Your First 1000 Page Views

Today after a development of internet many of the people’s have know that in online there was opportunities so because of that there was a many of blogs and websites that opened almost all over the day by a big number of people.


After that another comes is to fighting for getting visitors to your site or blog because seems that a sites that is regend is only that get visitors because people’s is almost know that site, but also if you have a new site or blog you can also get that visitors even your new.


So i prepare some of the ways that i used many times when i start with a new site that to me be a most helpful for getting 1000 page viewers in a few days/weeks since i open a new site so after know that and get some of comments from the people’s visit this site that i have write articles about Blogging that based in Tanzania i decided to prepare this article that when you follow the ways that am gonna give you will help you for driving traffic to your site even if you’re new.


1: Share and Share and Share

Definitely this is a huge way for new bloggers that helps them to get traffic to their site but this you should have an effort of wait but also there was a many social medias that you can use to share your link of your site content and people’s if you write the interested head of Title and click to enter in your site for lead your content.


There was Facebook, Linkdine, Pinterest, Tweeter and many of that social media that you can use to share your post link. Also another way you can open the page to that social media and that page of your site that you can use even to know the fans that you have depending of your followers or likes to your page and also you can use to promote your link of your website.


2: Comment on Social Media

In the social medias there was a people that ask for something that wanted to know so you can use as a chance of answer that people in the comment section by tell that the answer of the specific question is in that link so you can get that person to your website and other people’s that also have trouble in the same question.


Here be careful you must check if that question is based on your niche that you done in your site because sometimes when you give a wrong to people’s they can heat your site and take like provide a false information.


3: Setup Content in Easy way

When you write your content you have ti choose your way that you can use to write your content all over the days and must be in Easy way that can make a person to easy to read so this will help you to make your visitors to love your site and inspired them to return i. Your site but here you must be creative and don’t write a long content writing short at least 1000 word but make your visitor to full helps of solving the problem that have or give them the full information.


4: Setup Better Looking of your site

This also is another thing when you want to catch more visitors and made them to return to your site is by how your site looking and it’s flexible in phones, so here be careful when choosing a theme or if your design your self so be have a good creativity that can make your site be much better in looking this will help a user to love your site.


And choose or design a theme that is flexible in phone because many of people’s they used phones or smartphone so Target the people that use phone by creating or choosing a template that is flexible in the device their used.


5: Offer your users something different.

Example me i am starting up a new program to share with my readers regular coupons and other resources that speak to their lifestyle discounts on gluten-free, organic and nontoxic foods and products. Since I already hunt for these deals for myself, this is a no-brainer for my community. I’m also working on an ebook to coordinate all my resources and get them together to share with my readers, just as a bonus for reading my site. And I do regular giveaways in my niche.


Go above and beyond to help your niche save money and time, or provide them data in a usable format, this will make a user to Love your site because it offer something different with other sites and it’s a true definition of creativity to make a person to see there is a something new depending on other sites so will help a visitor to return in your site, and this is so helpful because there was a big number of new sites so how you can competition with them.


6: Searching Engine Optimization

Always don’t forget this write your content in a way that can make a Google bots to simply crawl your site and focus in the keywords in your post that can make your posts to appear in a first page in a search results so as can make you to get an organic visitors and this base your self on doing research in the content that you want to write in order to know in what things people search and wanted to know about so use as a keywords in your post content don’t forget about heading in your post content, internal links and external links that is by all of this is a key things that make you content seems prepared in the way that have Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


So if you follow the ways that i mentioned above this will so much help you if owned a new site to drive your first 1000 page viewers in a few days and make your site to grow everyday.

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