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6 Best Local News Blogs in Tanzania, Most Trusted by Many Tanzanians


You want to know what are the best local news blogs in Tanzania that for the research I done by check the visitors that they have and comes know that are the most trusted in the term of provide news to Tanzanians peoples and also trusted by advertisers, so I prepare this article to show you what are the most trusted news blogs that even a person hear the news quickly going to one of that blogs for confirmation.

Best Local News Blogs in Tanzania

  • Millard Ayo
  • Global Publishers
  • Mwananchi
  • Mpekuzi
  • IPP Media
  • Michuzi Blog

most visited news blogs in Tanzania for get latest local news everyday

1: Millard Ayo

Millard Ayo

Visit Site…… Here

Is the blog owned by Millard Ayo, a Journalist and presenter from Clouds FM in Amplifaya program that start online media have Youtube of Ayo Tv and this Millard Ayo blog this is a most famous journalist in Tanzania.

2: Global Publishers

Global Publishers

Visit Site…… Here

Another online media that have a blog and also youtube channel Global Online Tv and this is also a  company of newspapers that publish a news paper of Sports Xtra also have publish the books of story.

3: Mwananchi


Visit Site…… Here

Is a media that print a most trusted news paper of Mwananchi, Mwanaspoti and The Citizen this I can say is a most success Media in term of printing news papers in Tanzania and the Mwananchi News Paper is the daily News Paper so you can see how this company of Mwananchi is most needed to the for provide information to the peoples of Tanzania.

4: Mpekuzi


Visit Site…… Here

Is a blog that only based on provide a latest local news based in politic only so many of the peoples that their most interested for political news this is the most site that they get want they want and be informed.

5: IPP Media

ipp media

Visit Site…… Here

This is a media that own a TV’s and Radios in Tanzania but also they have a website that provide local news and in term of knowing that TV’s is ITV, EATV and Capital TV, and all of that TV’s have also a Radio that is Radio One Strereo, East Africa Radio and Capital Radio.

6: Michuzi Blog

michuzi blog

Visit Site…… Here

Another blog for provide a local stories of news and and it most trusted by many advertises in Tanzania because this blog is legend in the provision of news in Tanzania.

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