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How to start a News Blog (Become a Blogger of News)


Today’s we speak about how to start a news blog and makes you to become a news blogger that you can write a new information and provide to the peoples that visited your site.

What is News

First you should know what is News and this you can define in many terms but in me i define news as

News definition: is the new information that contain facts.

So here you should know that a news must contain Fact, and fact is being verified, example in local news there are bus accident have been happened in the place and five people’s are die and twenty are in bad condition. here in order to make a news to contain Fact you should verify your news from the doctor and Commission of police and go to write a news about that event.

So always when you write a news in your blog or website make sure that you write facts in your site in order to create faith to your visitors to make them always return to your site to continue getting new information from you.

Start a news blog, Target News

Herein order to catch some people’s that have interested in the news you write you should make sure that your blog have identify what is your focused news Example: Local News, Entertainment news, gossip, Sports news, Fashion news.

Thought you can write all of that Targeted New type but first you should know where your interested and to write news so as to concentrate in that news type and catch the peoples that also interested in that news.

But if you write all of the above news type you can confused your visitors and also can give you hard time to write all of the type of news in your site so is better to choose where you can concentrate in writing in your site.

Buy Domain of your blog site

Think about raising up your brand here you should register your domain name that related with the thing that you done to your site example: if you focus in local news you can register domain if. geonews.com this is top level domain but you can register a domain in your country example geonews.co.tz  here if you want to focus in the country only.

So is better to having domain in your site thought there are free domains such as subdomain provided by blogger. That example of this domais is like geoneb.blogspot.com so if you don’t have the money to register your domain you can start with that subdomain that is free, but on my side i suggest to buy domain and you can buy domain also by $0.99 from GoDaddy that give you first year by that offer.

If you dont have a domain name and you want to register by $0.99 you can click here.

Host your news blog

Here you should decide that where you can host your site and there are many host systems but the most used is Blogger and WordPress.

Blogger Host

Blogger hosting

This is free host and full unlimited ever and this is owned by Google so if you want to start a news blog you can use this free host for your site and this many beginners they start with.

But this host in SEO is controlled by Blogger so the quickly ranking in first page it take a long time so if you wanted a quickly successful in Blogging this can disappointed you but stay focused on what you doing.

NB: in next article i will teach on how to connect your domain with Blogger

WordPress Hosting


Here is most simple host and allowing you to have a beautiful site and quickly successful in your site you can get when you use this host.

But many times this you should pay in order to host with this, and if you want unlimited features it will be higher amount per month can start in $4-12 per month but there a re many that it have limitation example in brandwith, SSL and many.

But i suggest a useful Host that provided by namecheap that you can pay $2.88 per month and gives you a chance to host up to 3 websites in that parkeg and gives you unlimited brandwith and 20GB SSL to start with that plan from  namecheap click here.

So by that things will be a first stapes of start your news blog that you can monetize your site and having money from your site visitors so as to make you enjoy the Blogging life so to know how you can monetize your site click here.


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