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The Commando (2022)


The Commando 2022 Full Movie Download from United State directed by Asif Akbar and written by Asif Akbar, Al Bravo, Koji Steven Sakai, Movie followed by actors like Mickey Rourke, Brendan Fehr, Michael Jai White. Check rating in IMDb.

The Commando Movie Story

A DEA agent with PTSD returns home after a botched mission and must now protect his family from a home invasion after a recently freed convict and his henchmen come after their stash of millions inside of the agent’s home.

Movie Details

  • FULL NAME: The Commando
  • GENRE: Action, Thriller
  • DIRECTOR: Asif Akbar
  • STARS: Mickey Rourke, Brendan Fehr, Michael Jai White.
  • RELEASED: January 7, 2022 (United States)

Movie Trailer

The Commando 2021 Full Movie Download

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